Community Hours

Host a private tour for your members to experience the HIMSS19 Interoperability Showcase together!

Community tours are a collaborative way for members to uncover solutions that enable seamless, secure, interoperable information exchange and gain actionable knowledge. Experience world-class education, discover the latest products, and watch real-time demonstrations.


Why a Community Hour?

HIMSS Community Hours are a way for a Community members to experience the Interoperability Showcase together. Each community has a different perspective, experience and knowledge of Interoperability. The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase promotes connection and communication among product vendors and between vendors and attendees, allowing vendors to incorporate vital attendee feedback to improve their products and help them reach market faster.

What can you community members expect?

Community members will be greeted by an Interoperability Showcase staff member when they arrive at our Meet here desk located centrally in the Interoperability Showcase. They will be educated on what they can find in the overall showcase and our mission. They will then by lead by one of our staff members to pre-selected Use Cases Tours in collaboration with the Community Staff Liaisons. After the presentation they will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with health IT organizations and interoperability stakeholders. After the Tours complete, Community members will be directed by our staff member to engage in dedicated networking time and our Education Theater.



I would like my community members to go, but I don't have time in my schedule

That’s ok! We are all busy during conference and we are happy to support you and greet your Community if you are not able to attend. A HIMSS19 Interoperability Showcase Tour will increase your Communities’ face to face time during Conference and make an impact on the work done in your area.

What if I don’t know what my community would be interested in seeing?

Feel free to make some selections and we will match your group to a demonstration. If when they arrive they would like to see something else, we can be flexible.

What if only a few members of our community can attend? What if over 100 members attend?

The Showcase has experience managing small and large crowds. If the group is smaller we will be happy to welcome them as expected. When you make a Use Case selection we will ask for a few options. This is to ensure that if your group is larger than expected, we have a backup use case to split the group to go to. We want to be sure your community members have a good experience.

How will my community know where to go?

We will have a dedicated staff member who will be responsible for these tours to ensure that they have the best experience and their questions are answered. This staff member will great your community at our Meet here desk which is located centrally in the Showcase and then accompany them through their tour and let them know what else they can do during their time.


To schedule your tour, please email with the following:

- Your community's preferred time

- Estimated attendance size (we welcome and encourage all communities of all sizes to participate)

- Information for onsite contact 

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