Las Vegas
Mar. 6-8, 2018

Face to Face Testing Event

Cleveland, OH January 18 10am-5pm and January 19 9am-12pm

    For all participants in connected demonstration it is required to attend a Face to Face event in Cleveland, OH. The Face to Face allows all of our vendors the opportunity to not only work with each other but also with our technical project managers and graphic designer in person at a critical time before conference. During the day and a half, you are able to meet with our whole planning staff to solve any problems you have. Each use case will meet and perform a run through of their demonstration as if they were at conference. This allows us to work through any concerns or problems with enough time in advance to troubleshoot and create solutions. What this creates is a smooth move in process at conference, and ensures a quality demonstration.

Location: We will be located at the Huntington Cleveland Convention Center, in Cleveland OH. Our good friends at IHE USA allow us to use some of their space during the IHE USA Connectathon. This kindness allows us a space that has enough wireless and power to run your demonstration as if we were at conference.

Hotel Information: There is discounted hotel rates for individuals attending the Connectathon and the Face to Face testing. 

System Registration: Participating using an IHE profile?  System registration opens September 6-October 6, 2017. Learn how to register or contact IHE USA staff at connectathon@ihe.net for more information. 

Shipping: TBD

Hotel: Information on how to book your hotel can be found on the IHE website. Please book through the IHE USA block before the reservations cutoff date - Friday, December 29, 2017

Badge Registration: Badge Registration Opens November 6, 2017. If you are not participating in the IHE Connectathon you need to register for a day pass badge to access their floor.  Weekly and daily badges are available for purchase in advance and on-site at the IHE NA Connectathon 2018. Fees vary by date and badge type; additional details listed below. Visit IHE USA’s website to register for your participant badges online here: www.iheusa.org/badge-registration.

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