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March 6-8, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

Bernoulli is a leader in real-time connected healthcare, with more than 1,200 installed, operational systems. Developed by clinicians, the Bernoulli One™ platform empowers healthcare providers with tools to drive increased patient safety, improved clinical workflows and better quality of care.

Medical Device Integration

Research has shown that implementing Medical Device Integration can have a major impact on reducing documentation errors and improving nursing efficiency. Bernoulli One supports enterprise-wide collection of comprehensive, real-time data from hundreds of medical devices for integration into any receiving EHR. Our elegant and adaptable connectivity solutions enable auto-discovery of devices to simplify workflow and offer proven reliability in any clinical setting.

Alarm Management and Reduction

The patient safety risk of alarm fatigue has been well recognized by The Joint Commission, AAMI Foundation and ECRI Institute. Bernoulli One’s unique capability to analyze both the real-time patient data and alarms coming from the bedside devices enables the application of Smart Alarms and Alerts that can actually allow clinicians to safely reduce the number of alarms and quiet the patient environment. Bernoulli One supports distribution to existing VOIP phones, smartphones or 3rd party clinical communication systems to make sure clinically relevant alarms are delivered to the right caregiver.

Clinical Surveillance

Studies show that some groups of patients – such as those receiving opioids for pain management or those on a ventilator – have a significantly higher risk of adverse events. Bernoulli One makes continuous surveillance of at-risk patients safe and effective, even in low-acuity areas and integrates with your existing devices and infrastructure.

Telemedicine / Virtual ICU

With the increasing physician and critical care nursing shortage, it can be difficult for health systems to deliver comprehensive 24/7 ICU coverage across multiple geographically-dispersed facilities. Bernoulli One can provide near real-time remote access to comprehensive physiologic patient data, waveforms, settings and alarms, combined with EHR data and two-way video and audio capabilities, to enable remote observation and supervision of critical care patients in multiple hospitals.

Predictive Algorithms and Automated Protocols

There is great excitement in healthcare regarding the potential of “Big Data” and associated analytics.  Bernoulli is at the forefront of enabling real-time, evidence-based predictive algorithms and automating best-practice clinical protocols to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Bernoulli One can support complex rule sets to identify patient deterioration, variation from treatment guidelines and opportunities to accelerate the care path or discharge.


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