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Connecting Virtual Teams: Smart Care for HepC  Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Ricardo, a 55-year-old, has severe liver disease from hepatitis C and lives in rural New Mexico without access to specialists. As his disease worsens, he requires a liver transplant. Thanks to the use of smart apps and open data standards, Stephen’s virtual connected team diagnoses and treats his hepatitis C in his hometown, and then coordinates with the transplant center in Texas so his transplant is ready in time.

Participating Organizations: Medal, Cerner, Project Echo


Cancer Registry, Discovery & Research Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Shira, a 47-year-old, discovers she has colon cancer that has moved into her lungs. She seeks treatment with her oncologist and enrolls in a clinical trial that includes home health monitoring. Using decision support, her cancer treatment is coordinated with her multidisciplinary care team. Her imaging, pathology and biomarker results are shared between providers and with the state cancer registry in support of public health activities.

Participating Organizations: CDC (NCCDPHP), CDC (NCCDPHP), Philips, EPIC, PRA Health Sciences, Endosoft, Hyland


Immunization & Vaccination Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Bryson, a 2-year-old, is overdue for some of his routine childhood vaccinations. His pediatrician refers his parents to participate in the immunization registry’s patient portal, where they subscribe to reminders for future vaccines due, and can access his immunization records for school and camps. At age 4, Bryson’s new pediatrician is able to reconcile his vaccinations from multiple information sources and keep him on schedule. As a teen, Bryson develops an immunocompromising illness, and his physicians order lab titers before administering boosters.

Participating Organizations: Epic, Cerner, DSS Inc., NextGen, Ellkay, Surescripts, STC, eClinicalWorks


Opioid Addiction Care Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Taryn, a 50-year-old man who began taking opioids for back pain and becomes addicted. Follow his healthcare and rehabilitation journey - across primary care, behavioral health, care coordination, medication reconciliation by pharmacist, and recovery - as his pain and addiction are identified, monitored and treated. By connecting Taryn and the rest of his care team at each point of care, Taryn is engaged and outcomes are optimized and Taryn has access to the clinical and social support needed to recover and re-integrate.

Participating Organizations: Epic, Netsmart, CareEvolution, Appriss, PatientLink Enterprises, ActualMeds, Orion Health, Summit Healthcare


Value Based Care Click Here for Detailed Descriptions | View the Recording

Tim Jones, a 54-year-old police officer, has diabetes and presents at his primary care provider with an abnormal lab result. Follow his journey through primary care, consultations and home-based care as his care pathway is defined and implemented. Through sharing of data and utilization of a centralized repository of information accessed by providers, Mr. Jones receives the appropriate care and equipment in low-cost settings that improve his nutritional intake, health and quality of life.

Participating Organizations: Netsmart, Infor, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Epic, Brightree, Alliance of Chicago, CDC, GE, AHRQ


Reinventing Medication Management Click Here for Detailed Descriptions | View the Recording

Richard Hawkins, a 20-year-old with a history of seizures, falls and hurts his leg. He is transported to the ED, where he undergoes a radiological exam. The exam is positive for a leg fracture, requiring surgery. He is prepped for surgery, receives care in the OR, and recovers in a step-down unit. Medications are ordered post-operatively. The connectivity platform optimizes data exchange, protecting Richard against medication errors and workflow inefficiency.

Participating Organizations: BD, Stanley Healthcare, EPIC, Spok


Labor and Delivery Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Ariana, a 40-year-old, is pregnant. She has a history of arrhythmia so hers is a high-risk pregnancy. She arrives at the hospital for delivery ahead of her due date. Prior to delivery, she undergoes monitoring and prenatal monitoring. When she is ready to deliver, she is transferred to a delivery suite. During labor, physiologic monitoring and infusion of medication occurs to improve the outcome for both mother and child. Ariana’s newborn is slightly premature, with underdeveloped lungs, and is monitored in the NICU. Insertion of a chest tube is needed.  Informed consent is required and is electronically obtained.

Participating Organizations: ICU medical, OBIX, Epic, FormFast, GE, Masimo, Health Payment Systems, 


Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risks Click Here for Detailed Descriptions | View the Recording

Francine, a 65-year-old, has diabetes and is exhibiting cardiovascular risks for which she needs immediate observation and monitoring. She is put into the ICU, where she receives infused medication and is monitored. The equipment and staff associated with her stay are monitored for location and status to make sure she has everything she needs. Infusion of the medications she receives are verified and reconciled. Alerts from devices are sent to the appropriate clinical staff for response. Her physiologic observations are monitored over time for progressing changes, and advisory alerts are sent to staff as needed. As Francine progresses through a variety of care settings, patient and staff safety is not compromised.

Participating Organizations: Epic, B Braun, GuardRFID, Philips, Omnicell


Telehealth & Stroke Continuum of Care Click Here for Detailed Descriptions | View the Recording
Time is Brain for Emily, a 52-year-old, has had a stroke. Telehealth expedites time to her care through pre-hospital video assessment in the ambulance. Imaging data is shared from a small rural community hospital to a stroke neurologist at an urban hospital, resulting in timely administration of a life-saving, clot-busting drug. Patient engagement is increased post-discharge through the use of a health app that aggregates Emily’s data and shares her progress with all members of her interprofessional care team.

Participating Organizations: Epic, National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers, ViTel Net, INFINITT North America, PatientLink Enterprises, Vidyo


Heart Attack Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Morgan, a 40-year-old, is experiencing chest pains and calls 911. Emergency medical services arrive to evaluate Morgan and decide to take him to the hospital. Upon arrival, he is admitted for intervention and then coronary artery bypass surgery. After the surgery, he recovers in the ICU. As a part of his discharge process, his information is made available to his cardiologist, and he is scheduled for a follow-up appointment.

Participating Organizations: Epic, Baxter, Dräeger, NextGen, Byte Sized Solutions, Bernoulli, Ellkay, Zoll


Collaborative Community Cancer Care Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Tracey, a 53-year-old, has discovered a lump in her left breast. Her recent mammography screening results were normal.  We follow her coordinated care as she visits her gynecologist, gets referred to the breast specialist where she receives additional imaging, has a biopsy and receives a cancer diagnosis. Information sharing between her gynecologist, radiologist and the oncology specialist enables a speedy referral loop, while Tracey provides valuable pre-registration information from home. At her first appointment, Tracey and her oncologist incorporate data from all sources to create a customized treatment plan.

Participating Organizations: Qvera, Cerner, FormFast, GE, Siemens, RAIN Live Oak Technology


Birth Reporting and NICU Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Philip, a newborn with a congenital heart condition, is sent to the NICU. He is kept under close monitoring during treatment and therapy. After discharge, the newborn is seen for follow-up care at a pediatrician with a cardiac specialty. The birth report is sent to the jurisdiction of birth, Philip’s home jurisdiction, and NCHS. Birth defects are reported from the birth record and pediatric follow-up.
Participating Organizations: NextGen, NCHS/Genesis (CDC), Michigan DOH (CDC), Utah DOH (CDC), Genesis Systems, Smiths Medical, Epic, Masimo, SureScripts


Transplant Care Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Adrian, a 20-year-old, has a failing liver and requires transplant surgery. She undergoes the surgery in the operating room. Following the surgery, she recovers in the ICU. As her condition improves, she is transferred to a general ward room.

Participating Organizations: Ivenix, Mindray, Spok, Masimo, Cerner, MeeHealth, Philips, Bernoulli 


Public Health reporting Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Ravi, an 11-month-old, is diagnosed with pertussis, a reportable condition. An initial electronic case report is triggered, evaluated for reportability, and sent to public health. Public health returns a reportability response with guidance and a request for additional information. Through electronic death reporting, public health knows of a pertussis-related death of an elderly man. Suspecting an outbreak, public health adjusts their pertussis reporting specifications for earlier detection of reportable events. Timely and accurate reporting ensures Ravi is successfully treated and discharged home.

Participating Organizations: NCHS (CDC), APHL/CSTE/RCKMS (CDC), Utah DOH (CDC), Michigan DOH (CDC), Epic


Battlefield to Bedside Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Shane, a 30-year-old, is injured in combat, triaged and treated at an Army field hospital unit, and discharged to return home. Later, Shane has follow-up surgery stateside in a Veterans Administration medical center. Having access to the soldier’s health data at all points of care means being able to perform surgery in the field without concern of missing information, as well as being able to treat any issues after the soldier has returned home.

Participating Organizations: Cerner, Dräeger, DSS Inc., GE, Ellkay, Diameter Health, Dicom Systems


Nationwide Care Transitions Click Here for Detailed Descriptions

Cynthia, a 66-year-old, is admitted, treated and discharged at home in Florida for pulmonary embolism. While visiting her daughter in Colorado, she suffers a fractured hip, has surgery and is discharged with home health. She elects to stay with her daughter until she is ready to travel home and continue her care, avoiding readmission. Regardless of where her care occurs, Cynthia and her healthcare providers have access to her health records nationwide through CommonWell Health Alliance, resulting in a positive health outcome.

Participating Organizations: Brightree, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Greenway Health, Imprivata, MEDITECH, One Record, CommonWell


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