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July 11, 2017 What’s Next in Standards-Based Exchange of Electronic Health Data

For the first time, previous participants can submit suggestions for possible demonstration topics or scenarios at HIMSS18. The Showcase planning team will be posting on July 18 the list of at least 20 new scenarios on the Showcase website for participants to review. Organizations will then choose the topic they would like to participate in and begin developing the storyline with other organizations. Together, they will coordinate their use of standards to achieve interoperability and demonstrate the value of the continuum of care for the HIMSS18 attendees.

June 27, 2017 Clinicians Are Critical to Data Standardization & Interoperability 

The U.S. has made significant strides to enable interoperability in our healthcare systems. Today, providers and patients expect medical records at their fingertips. New advancements in technology have enabled these achievements, but our work is not complete yet. During the final Nursing Informatics and IHE Joint Webinar, Solutions and How to Engage Within Interoperability, Cathy Ivory, PhD, RNC-OB, RN-BC, Indiana University Health; and Emma Jones, RN, MSN-BC, Allscripts; explored the solutions and opportunities within IHE International (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) to engage nurses in health IT to impact patient care. 

June 22, 2017, FHIR shows great promise, but older interoperability standards aren't going away yet 

FHIR was a hot topic at the HIMSS17 conference earlier this year, with a number of technology vendors claiming to fully embrace the open API. But as Healthcare IT News Editor Mike Miliard points out, FHIR “isn't going to supplant existing HL7 standards such as Version 2 and CDA any time soon.”

June 5, 2017, Plays Well with Others

As healthcare continues the journey of digital data generation and capture, the industry appears to be making real strides in the quest to be able to share and act on that data to meet healthcare’s triple aim.

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