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Guest Blog for the HIMSS Blog!

Blogging is a benefit for all participants of the Interoperability Showcase. HIMSS HITPU has been named by HealthTech Magazine as one of 2017’s top blogs.  Be one of the “brilliant minds of those at HIMSS…” and take advantage of this benefit today! 


In order to be accepted blogs must follow the HIMSS guidelines and focus on interoperability.

HIMSS Marketing will provide feedback to ensure that your blog will make the most impact and will work with you on when you would like the content to be posted. Please provide content as soon as possible so HIMSS has ample time to review prior to posting.


Angle: Tell a story with your post. In other words, for the Immunization Integration Program, tell a story about the value of immunization data to you – as a physician, caregiver or other healthcare professional.

  • What’s the value of health IT in the work you do each day?
  • Can you illustrate that value, especially the value of secure access to immunization data for your patients, with a patient story related to improved patient care, improved patient outcomes, better access to care, and/or reduced cost of care?
  • What can you discuss about the value of access to electronic immunization data for your patients related to better patient and population health?

Length: Write according to what you have to say.

  • Average posts are 600 words
  • Longer posts of up to 1,500 words are acceptable, when content supports the subject

Base your content on: substance, style, frequency, format, purpose, audience and medium,

as noted in this 2014 article by John Rampton in Forbes on How Long Should My Blog Post Be.


Format: Write your blog post:

  • As a conversation, where you are talking to someone…
    • “I understand the challenges all patients face…”
    • “Our committee members…”
    • Without rants, personal criticism or ongoing negativity
  • With visuals in mind:
    • Infographics, photos, graphics, charts
    • Links to podcasts, whitepapers, videos, LinkedIn discussions, other resources
    • Relevant hashtags (The Interoperability Showcase uses #EmpowerHIT, but if you have a company hashtag or social media handle please include it in your post)


Send content to HIMSS:  

  • Submit the post as a Word document here in order to be reviewed and approved. Once you submit your blog I will put you in contact with our media team to schedule your post.
  • Include any visuals you want to use in the blog post; send Joyce Lofstrom

Call to Action: HIMSS will include a call to action – to learn more about the Immunization Integration Program – with a link to the web page - at the end of your post to encourage discussion.

  • HIMSS always includes a call to action in all blog posts.
  • HIMSS will include a call to action, if the post relates to a HIMSS initiative.


Questions to ask yourself as you write your post:

  • What is the purpose of your blog post?
  • Who do you write for?
  • What topics are you most-passionate about?
  • What topics are your readers most-passionate about?
  • What do similar bloggers write about and how will your blog be similar or different?
  • What drives you to write each post?
  • What do you hope a reader will do after reading a post?
  • Why should somebody read your blog over the alternatives?
  • What is the most-important thing you can teach or share with readers?

Source for “Questions to ask yourself…How to Create an Editorial Strategy for Your Blog: Part 2, Jeremy Porter, January 27, 2016, Journalistics Blog 


Examples from the HIMSS Blog

A series by Carla Smith on data from the Longitudinal Study from HIMSS Compensation Survey and Women in Health IT initiative

The Gender Pay Gap in Health IT is Real (8/1/2016)

Why Gender-Based Pay Gaps Exist (8/3/2016)

Achieving Gender-Based Pay Equity (8/4/2016)

A STEPS to Value podcast conducted on the gender-based pay gap and mentioned in his blog post by Adam Bazer -  Why I Stand For Pay Equity in Health IT (8/22/2016)

A post on the 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Study with links to infographic, research report and news release by Lorren Pettit - Yet Another Cybersecurity Warning Sign: Big Whoop (8/22/2016)

A post with a hashtag in the title by Michael Gaspar

Your Social Media Guide to National Health IT Week/#NHITweek (8/22/2016)

PCHA blog post on patient engagement and health trackers with multiple links to resources and apps to support content by John Sharp - PCHA Blog Post: Why You Should Track Your Health (7/11/2016)

Blog posts as news items each week on #IheartHIT, a storytelling approach to the HIMSS Weekly Insider’s Meet Our Member column by Kelly Wagner.                                                                  

Meet Our Member: Christopher Kunney, CPHIT, CPHIMS, MSMOT


Once approved they will be posted on the Interoperability Showcase Website and HIMSS Blog.



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