Las Vegas
March 6-8, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

HIMSS18 Interoperability Showcase- Connected Demonstration Participation Timeline

The Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS18 is a collaborative project between HIMSS and participating companies. Join us in demonstrating the value of standard based interoperability and highlight how you make a difference. 


July 18- November 15- Demonstration Topics Posted/ Vendor Demonstration Selection

Demonstration topics are posted on our website. Vendors select from these topics and share what they would like to demonstrate. For more details on how to register to participate see our participation page

Catch up and listen to our most recent webinar.  Review our impact at HIMSS7, including vistor demonographics, or watch a demonstration from last year. 

Note: Demonstration roles are on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to demonstrate a specific role, sign up early to get the spot you want! 

November 15- Vendor Demonstration Kick Off Call

This is the opening webinar for all participants in the Interoperability Showcase. We go over expectations, how to get the most out of your sponsorship, and deadlines. Shortly after this call we set times for the weekly calls for each demonstration.

November 15-March 5 Weekly Demonstration Calls

Each week each demonstration meets on a webinar to discuss their demonstration. On these calls roles, data flow, props, graphics and narratives are determined. Participants collaborate together and support each other to tell an impactful story using their interoperability technology.

Mid December- First Print Deadline

In mid December the first HIMSS18 Conference print materials are due. Any participants who wishes to join after this point would begin to lose benefits that are part of their sponsorship package. We hope all participants are registered long before this date, but we understand when situations arise. This deadline is not negotiable, and organizations who sign up after this date will not be included in some print materials.

January 18-19- Face to Face Meeting- Cleveland, OH

In late January we hold a face to face meeting with all participants in a connected demonstration. This is to ensure that all of the demonstrations run smoothly and everyone has the chance to troubleshoot and work with our graphic designer. 

March 4-5, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

The weekend prior to conference all participants arrive at 9am Sunday morning and begin to set up and test their demonstrations. We work together to ensure that all demonstrations are working properly and each demonstration is supported by our project team. All testing is complete by 5pm Monday. Plan to be able to do a preview in the evening. 

March 6-8, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

Congratulations! The Interoperability Showcase demonstrates each use case once an hour during all exhibit hours. We do not close at any time and visitors are able to tour demonstrations, learn more in our education theater, and get a deep dive on products in our marketplace.

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