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Feb. 20-22, 2017

How to Participate in a Connected Demonstration

Participate in a Connected Demonstration at the HIMSS17 Interoperability Showcase


Use case demonstrations at the HIMSS17 Interoperability Showcase provide an opportunity for visitors to see real-world solutions exchange clinical data in real time. The demonstrations place the solutions in clinical context, allowing visitors to engage in the interoperability story of an individual – such as a caregiver, patient or clinician. They can then witness the impact these systems have on clinical outcomes, quality and the patient experience.

Come together with other health IT solution providers to demonstrate a wide range of health information technologies across the entire care continuum at the HIMSS17 Interoperability Showcase:

  • Move beyond the EHR and display the new prominent face of interoperability in the shift from fee-for-service to value-based models.
  • Highlight the importance of innovation with cutting-edge products and solutions – including medical devices, mobile apps, APIs and more – to help attendees anticipate their interoperability needs both today and tomorrow.
  • Educate attendees and provide them with customized solutions to their challenges so that they walk away more informed and prepared to make better decisions to positively impact their organizations.
  • Network with likeminded individuals and demonstrate your space in the interoperability ecosystem.

Each organization will bring their own perspective and story to tell, which makes each use case one-of-a-kind. Vendors collaborate with HIMSS and other organizations to develop unique use cases that explore the value of their interoperability solutions.

What are the steps to participate?

Review the use case topics.

Consider the topics in the context in which visitors will engage with your product.

Review the topics, and let us know if you feel a topic is incomplete or if you would like to see a topic added. If you have questions, please contact us.

Read the prospectus and participant guide.

Explore these resources to help determine at what level you would like to participate.

Brainstorm your part in a use case story.

Think about what you want to highlight about your product and how it could best fit into a clinical story.

Example: My product tracks patient education by providing providers and patients with a dashboard to monitor any questions and education needs the patients have, and then feeds into the EMR for quality reporting. As such, I want to find a use case that can fit patient education into the story and highlight my product and its benefits.

6-8 Vendors collaborate on a single use case. Consider involving other vendors you already work with to demonstrate a shared solution within a use case. This may help you demonstrate a unique partnership and also help showcase the work you have already accomplished. If you don’t have a partner don’t worry. Our technical team will help match vendors to the right use case and partners.

Share your part with the management team

After you’ve selected the use case that you feel fits your needs and allows you space to expand the story to describe the impact of your products, share your thoughts with us.

Example: In Healthy Heart, the patient is diagnosed with heart failure. We would like to participate after he is diagnosed and track his education and send this information to an EMR.

We will also discuss any of your other concerns or requests – such as wanting to partner with a particular vendor – at this time.

Collaborate on your use case.

We will host a meeting with you and other vendors who have also selected this use case to discuss how you plan to exchange your clinical data.

The Interoperability Showcase demonstrates the ecosystem of standards-based interoperability available in the market today. We invite you to demonstrate using an internationally recognized standard. This includes IEEE, CDISC, GS1, Continua Guidelines, HL7 FHIR©, and more. If you have questions, please contact us.


If you are exchanging using an IHE profile, you must have tested at any global IHE Connectathon within the past 12 months prior to the HIMSS17 Interoperability Showcase. Contact the IHE team for more information.


Participation FAQs

Who visits the Interoperability Showcase?

The Interoperability Showcase attracts approximately 10% of HIMSS17 attendees – so about 4,000 people. Attendance to the showcase is good snapshot of the overall attendance to HIMSS17. Last year, more than half of attendees considered themselves decision makers or decision influencers, and nearly 15% were C-suite members. If there is a particular demographic you are interested in, please contact us.

How do you get people to attend the IOS booth? Will it bring people to our booth or interest people in our products?

The Interoperability Showcase is considered a landmark pavilion in the HIMSS17 exhibit hall. We are marketed year-round on the himss.org, himssconference.org and interoperabilityshowcase.org websites, as well as in HIMSS17 electronic and print promotions. A benefit of participation is that your product is contextualized within the pavilion rather than standing alone on the exhibit floor. This is an excellent way to move traffic between your locations. For more information on our vendor marketing, please see our prospectus.

Will our competitors exhibit in the showcase?

It is very common to have competitors in the market participate in the Interoperability Showcase. We applaud our participating vendors who demonstrate and share their expertise. We have many scenarios to choose from, and our technical project managers work to ensure that all vendors have a good demonstration experience. The selection for participation is first-come first-serve, so if this is concern for you, please contact us soon.

What are the costs?

You can find the costs for participation in our prospectus. Please note that there are discounts for certain organizations.

What are the most popular areas in the showcase?

The wide range of visitors to the Interoperability Showcase means that the areas of interest change every year. Our visitors want to experience the entire ecosystem of interoperability and see the very best that our vendors have to offer.


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