Orlando, FL
Feb. 20-22, 2017

Marketing in the Interoperability Showcase

The Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS17 utilizes content based marketing. This is used in our education theater, use case demonstrations, and all materials provided in the Showcase.

  • Please keep in mind the below definition before submitting any content to be approved.
  • All content must be reviewed and approved by HIMSS staff to ensure that it is focused on interoperability and utilizes content based marketing.
  • No giveaways or additional signage will be allowed in the Interoperability Showcase Use Case Demonstrations.
  • If you are uncertain if your material is using content based marketing please submit for approval.

Content based marketing provides useful and valuable content, such as infographics, videos, and articles, that helps your audience solve their issues. This creates a group of people that want to listen to your marketing, because it educates them about an interesting topic, provides a solution to their specific problems, or simply entertains them. In contrast, traditional marketing techniques provide information on solely your product - if the person isn’t looking for your particular product, they lose interest.

Bad content fails to hold the interest of the audience. Good content captures their attention, and great content is something you’re willing to pay for - see Red Bull’s magazine.

Your audience receives a large amount of marketing information every day - most of it neither useful nor relevant to their interests (aka spam). What differentiates content based marketing is that people want to consume it rather than ignore it. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that the strategy is used by the vast majority of leading brands, including Cisco, Microsoft, and P&G.

There are 4 key benefits to adopting a content based approach.

  1. Increased sales - by creating content that the audience likes, you are able to build a group of people that are familiar with and trust your brand. Whenever this group decides to make a purchase, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind.
  2. Increased ROI on marketing - the content you create will bolster other marketing initiatives such as social media or SEO.
  3. Increased customer retention - customers will continue to read, watch, and listen to quality content, which educates and raises awareness about new products and solutions.
  4. Unique client experience- Clients are focused on your value rather than your giveaway.

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