February 20-22, 2017 | Orlando, FL

NACCHO Annual Conference


The Interoperability Showcase will be partnering with the NACCHO Annual Conference to put together a demonstration of standard based interoperability focused on public health. Together, organizations develop a person-driven storyline that contextualizes the value of their product or solution. Exchange with other participants or demonstrate independently how you support public health as a part of our journey. HIMSS provides a project manager to help support the organizations, facilitate communication, and meet deadlines. Deadline to participate is May 19

By participating in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at NACCHO Annual 2017, you are not only demonstrating your thought leadership but the work you do in the market today to facilitate cooperation, interoperability, and improved health outcomes.


All participants must:

  • You must use an interoperability standard to exchange information (such as a HL7 Profile, IHE Profile, DICOM, IEEE, Continua, etc.).
  • Your solution is part of a person-centered scenario highlighting services and activities that public health departments and healthcare providers are able to conduct with standards-based, interoperable health information technology systems, platforms, and frameworks. Services and activities must be relevant to public health departments, for example:
    • Electronic case reporting
    • Immunization registry reporting
    • Vital record reporting
    • Health information exchange
    • Diabetes management
    • Syndromic surveillance
    • Healthy weight management
  • Specialized registry or surveillance (e.g., cancer, antimicrobial use and resistance) reporting
  • Participation on a weekly call to plan the demonstration starting June.
  • Attendance at set up for 1 day prior to the conference (11am-5pm) and during all scheduled hours.


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Prospectus including pricing, benefits, and minimum requirements

Questions? Bronwen Watkins-Pitchford, Manager, Interoperability Initiatives

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