February 20-22, 2017 | Orlando, FL

Talis Clinical was formed to meet the higher purpose of supporting safe patient care while positively impacting Caregivers. We are a Health IT company focused on improving patient safety and outcomes by providing tools to bring the richest clinical content and Advanced Clinical Guidances™ to the appropriate providers in real time.

We solve the problem of integrating live clinical data with EMR’s to provide best in class tools to keep the patients in your hospital safer. Talis’ Advanced Clinical Guidances ensure your care plans are followed to reduce variability in care and improve outcomes.

Talis’ roots are in perioperative care. Our point of care platform, coupled with our medical device integrator, aid anesthesia physicians and providers in real time notification of deteriorating physiological conditions, preventing awareness under anesthesia, and reducing risk. Our solution scales to settings as complex as the number one cardiac surgical facility in the world, to short case, quick turnaround ASCs.

Talis is excited to launch MD-iQ™, the next generation of device connectivity at HIMSS 2017. MD-iQ™ is a software and hardware platform that improves Medical Device and EMR Integration. All of your patient data is captured and spun through our Advanced Clinical Guidance Engine where it is continually analyzed to deliver an unparalleled safety solution in the OR, ICU, PACU, and on the floors. Data is presented in a web based portal to providers from any location.

Multi-parameter, user defined algorithms alert physicians to emerging adverse conditions before they become events. Alerts are sent securely and compliantly to your mobile device. Dashboards are available to provide clinical and operational guidances throughout the enterprise. Real time views of patient physiological and medical data, including live waveforms, enable physicians across multiple specialties to monitor their patients from anywhere to make informed clinical decisions on the fly.

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