February 20-22, 2017 | Orlando, FL


The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase is proud of the collaboration and thought leadership of the organizations who participate with us. Please find below the whitepapers and success stories provided by our sponsors for the HIMSS17 Conference. We hope you are able to learn about these organizations as well as standard based interoperability.


Advisory Board: Setting the Foundation for a Consumer Relationship Platform

Apex: A Longitudinal Patient Record Built for Actionable Business Intelligence

Immutable Data for Scalable Interoperability

Revolutionizing the Patient/Provider Experience at the Point of Care

BD: Interoperability Preparedness: What Hospitals Can Do to Be Ready for Smart Pump-EMR Interoperability

Bernoulli: Medical Device Integration Across a Health System to Support Patient-Focused Care

Achieving Real-Time Surveillance with Patients at Risk of Respiratory Depression

Clinical Alarm Management & Reduction

Alarm Fatigue Conquered

Cerner: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Can Help Save Lives

Diameter Health: Kansas Health Information Network Case Study

Semantic Interoperability: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Health Information

Diameter Health Case Study

Dicom Systems: Interoperability Challenges & Solutions

Dräger: An Innovative Web Services-Based Architecture for Distributed Systems of Medical Devices

Ellkay: LKEMR-Archive Customer Success Stories

EMR Direct: Stephan's User Story: Connected Care Through HL7 FHIR

Federal Health Architecture: FHA HIMSS17 Handbook

GuardRFID: Interoperability of RFID/RTLS Systems Within the Healthcare Enterprise

HPS: Patient Collections: A Path to Reduced Write-Offs and Improved Cash Flow 

Ivenix: Addressing Cybersecurity in Infusion Devices

LifeMed ID: Accurate Patient Identity

Siemens: eHealth Solutions: Networking Health with Care

Surescripts: All Healthcare Is Not Local

Telehealth Resource Center: Virtual Healthcare - What Should I Know?

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