February 20-22, 2017 | Orlando, FL

Who Should Attend

Learn how standard based interoperability enables the value of Health IT


A premier 34,000-sq-ft HIMSS experience that demonstrates the interoperability imperative for connecting health and care. Public and private vendor organizations collaborate over a series of months to create standards based demonstrations of interoperability from the perspective of an individual such as a clinician, caregiver, administrator, or patient. Visitors to the showcase take tours of the connected demonstrations showcasing the value of standards based interoperability. They witness the impact these systems have on clinical outcomes, quality and the patient experience. Visitors then learn more from our experts by engaging in our education theater, visiting our marketplace and learning from our Interoperability stakeholders. The showcase will emphasize the importance of individuals being responsible for and connected directly to their health information, as well as the driving force that makes this connection possible: IT. At the Interoperability Showcase, IT connects everything.

The Interperability Showcase often hosts a wide varriety of attendees, that represent the interoperability ecosystem including:
•Provider Decision Makers
•Provider Influencers
•Showcase participants (vendors & other stakeholders)
•Certification/government bodies

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