February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL

2019 Whitepapers

Writting a whitepaper or success story is a benefit for all levels of participation in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. For all participants in a connected demonstration, this is the only type of collateral you are allowed in your demonstration area and all materials must be submitted to our shared folder in order to be considered for distribution at conference. Questions? Contact us. 

All whitepapers must focus on interoperability and cannot be a sales piece, but focused on content such as a success story or value statement for interoperability. HIMSS must have time to review content before posting and may provide feedback. We can work with you on when you would like the content to be posted. Please provide content as soon as possible so HIMSS has ample time to review prior to posting. When submitting your content please provide the following information.

  • Must be focused on interoperability
  • Cannot be a sales piece (content focused)
  • Can be any length


These will be posted on the Interoperability Showcase Website and HIMSS.org.

They must be submitted to our shared folder in order to be reviewed and approved.

Once approved you may print to bring onsite. We suggest 200 copies.

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