Feb. 11-15, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How is participation determined for each use case?

  • Use case topics are selected in June and posted publically in July. Organizations sign up for the use case of their choice, and roles are determined on a first come first serve basis (If there is already an IV pump in a particular use case, we would be unlikely to place another brand in the same demonstration unless it made sense to the story). If you are uncertain what story you are most interested in, or if you would rather make your selection based on partners, or the standard being demonstrated our technical team can meet with you and find the best fit.
  • Use case groups start meeting in October with an assigned technical project manager to determine the exact story they are telling based on the participants. This is how our use cases are unique every year, and driven by the participants. We are very proud of the collaborative environment the Interoperability Showcase has grown to become.

How often do demonstrations run?

  • Each use case demonstrates as a group once an hour, scheduled either at 15 or 45 minutes after the hour. We stagger our demonstrations to help control the sound and the schedule is promoted in the HIMSS conference app and on the website. This also allows you to invite clients to times throughout the conference to see your product in action.  Typically, you demonstrate as a group about 24 times across three days. After scheduled demonstrations visitors can stay and ask questions. If you want to do a more in depth demonstration with a client you can do so after your scheduled demonstration.
  • You can find detailed documentation on the HIMSS18 use cases, including participants and descriptions, on our website

How much does the event in Cleveland (Face to Face) cost?

  • More information on our Face to Face and testing expectations can be found on our website here. It goes over some cost considerations, depending on what you plan to demonstrate.
  • What other sponsors are confirmed?

  • You can find an updated list of our current participants here. For an idea of the types of organizations that participate you can see HIMSS18 participants.

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