February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL

HIMSS19 Participant Sponsor Resources

Thank you for completing your contract to sponsor the HIMSS19 Interoperability Showcase for the HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition February 11-15, 2019 Orange County Convertion Center, Orlando, FL. If you have any questions about your sponsorship, please feel free to reach out to Bronwen Huron.

As the show producer and organizer, HIMSS' goal is to make this your best conference ever and we look forward to helping you succeed. With that in mind, we have enclosed the following information to assist you in planning for this event and maximizing your participation.

Major Deadlines

Please find a list of major deadlines for participating sponsors. Your specific use case may have additional deadlines. Please work with your technical project manager (TPM) to clarify these deadlines. Please treat many of these as the last moment you can turn this deliverable in. Feel free to submit any content earlier to us. Please review the list of links below for more information on each deliverable.

Date        Item                                                                              

ASAP        (Conntected Demonstrations) Identify a meeting time. Please let us know a few times that you would be available to meet with our technical project manager, so he may better understand your goals and needs for the HIMSS19 Interoperability Showcase. Our team typically prefers 9-12 or after 3pm ET. Please ensure your technical team is also available for this call so we can have a full understanding of your product.

ASAP        Review the Participation Timeline. This will help you understand the overall project milestones.

ASAP        Submit Logo in PNG and EPS Format: Google Drive

ASAP         Submit boiler plate and company website to Showcase@himss.org to acompany your logo on our website                                          

ASAP        Complete Contact List: Google Drive

ASAP        (Connected Demonstration) Select your use case by submitting your selection to Phil DePalo and Bronwen Huron

ASAP         HIMSS19 Exhibitor monthly newsletter goes out the second Tuesday of each month, if you are not receiving this please contact Eileen Keating ekeating@himss.org

9/10/18   (Connected Demonstrations) Demonstrating an IHE Profile? Registration for the IHE Connectathon opens today

10/1/18   Complete exhibitor profile online for maximum exposure  (Will need your exhibitor ID to complete)

10/12/18  (Connected Demonstrations) Connectathon System Registration Closed (IHE Profile Demonstrators must be registered for the IHE Connectathon)

11/12/18   All connected and premier sponsors must attend the January Face to Face- Day Badge registration opens today

11/21/18   Premier education session titles due

12/3/18   Submit your guest blog for approval by emailing your blog to Showcase@himss.org before December 3. (Deadline, submissions will be taken anytime before this but will not be taken after)

12/14/18   Deadline to submit marketplace kiosk graphics

12/15/18   Premier education session speaker information and description due

1/4/18      Shipping to warehouse starts

1/7/19      Deadline for Whitepaper Submission

1/15/19     Deadline: Premier Speaker Slides Due for Education Theater

2/6/18      Shipping to showsite starts


Connected Demonstration participating exhibitors must be at move in at the Interoperability Showcase, Sunday February 10, arriving no later than 12pm until 6pm and Monday, February 11 from 9am-5pm. Testing must be complete by 5pm Monday, February 11th. Marketplace kiosk participants must set up Monday, February 11 and complete their set up by 5pm February 11.


Logistical Resources

Recent Webinars

Travel Schedule and Set Up Requirements

Face to Face Testing Event


Hotel Information: It is mandatory that all exhibiting companies go through the HIMSS official housing company, onPeak for all hotel room reservations for HIMSS19. Housing will open for all Non-Corporate Members on October 9, 2018.


Marketplace Kiosk

Conference Schedule

Exhibition Schedule

Marketing Resources

Marketing Toolkit 

Whitepapers/Success Stories

Use Case Tour Schedule 

Guest Blog on HIMSS.org

Premier Education Session Instructions

Technical Resources

Select your Use Case


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