February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL

HIMSS19 Selecting a Use Case

Review use case topics (Click Here) and keep the following in mind:

This document will be updated regularly so please save the link.

  • Remember that these are draft topics and suggestions. Keywords, Interop Functions and Care Settings are suggestions from our team but are not exhaustive or guaranteed to be covered in the use case. They are provided to help paint a picture of what might be covered.
  • Don’t see what you were looking for? Reach out to Phil and I and we can help determine what use case would be the best fit.
  • Descriptions and titles will be updated in the fall to reflect the demonstration after participation has been determined.  More information around this will be shared closer to the deadline.
  • We will be updating “column I” with participation as organizations let us know where they would like to be placed.
  • Demonstrations need to reach a minimum number of participants, which this year will be 7, in order to be demonstrated. If a use case has significantly less than this late in summer, we will combine a topic with another that makes clinical sense.  If your use case is added to another, your role will remain the same, but the overall use case will cover both topics.
  • If the title of a demonstration is orange, please speak to Phil or I before making a final selection. These use cases are focused on a specific initiative which may restrict participation. We are happy to discuss this with you during your call.
  • If the title is yellow, this demonstration will be done in a HIMSS pavilion outside of the Interoperability Showcase in a satellite location. These will be fully connected demonstrations and we would be happy to go over these opportunities with you on your call.

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See recordings and detailed descriptions of last year's demonstrations. 

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