February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL

Visit us at K9 in the Interoperability Showcase to learn how we can integrate medication management across the care continuum. It takes more than a patient’s medication list, trapped in an app,  to support successful care transitions.  Only ActualMeds brings a complete, cloud-based solution for integrating medication management with on-going patient care. It starts with a medication history that is imported and validated across all available sources and made interoperable across platforms. Rules driven risk may be assessed in the medication regimen, or associated with gaps in care or quality measures in real time, for a patient at the point of care or for managing high risk populations. The results of a system generated medication reconciliation and medication action plans can be tracked and communicated with all members of the care team. State of the art data interoperability combined with a highly configurable user interface and reporting can support multiple stakeholders and workflows. 

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