February 11-15, 2019 | Orlando, FL

AllianceChicago is dedicated to advancing community health for vulnerable populations through collaboration, technology, and research. Our efforts are focused in three core areas:

AllianceChicago provides exemplary, innovative health services that unite health care providers and consumers to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, experience, and outcomes. 

AllianceChicago is leading the way in improving health and health care delivery through the thoughtful use of leading-edge Health Information Technology (HIT) in the Safety Net. We provide optimal HIT solutions that maximize efficiency, streamline operations, and lower costs for community health centers. Our user community of 34 health centers, operating out of over 200 urban and rural sites in 14 states, have access to data analytics, clinical informatics, HIT hosting, technical assistance and consultation, and ongoing support.

AllianceChicago provides essential guidance that informs policy, health care delivery design, and clinical services to improve health, increase relevance and accessibility of health care, and eliminate disparities. Leveraging technology and communication methods and tools already within our network, we participate in a wide array of research that engages communities and clinicians in the most critical issues facing vulnerable populations. A key element is our electronic health record (EHR) hosting, providing a customized shared database that supports meaningful, nationwide research. We have strong relationships with academic partners, nursing centers, and other safety net organizations, and share research through an extensive range of publications and presentations.

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