March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL

Frequently Asked Participation Questions

What is a demonstration topic?

  • 7 to 10 participating organizations collaborate to demonstrate different use cases in a single-story focused on an individual.
  • Participants work with HIMSS and other organizations to develop unique storylines that explore the value of their interoperability solutions.
  • Each organization bringing its own perspective and story to tell, making each use case one-of-a-kind.
  • Demonstrations also place the solutions in the clinical context, allowing visitors to engage in the interoperability story of an individual – such as a caregiver, patient or clinician. They can then witness the impact these systems have on clinical outcomes, quality, and patient experience.
  • Any technology that exchanges data using interoperability standards is invited to participate in our connected demonstrations.
  • You can explore examples of our use cases from HIMSS19.


How are the topics selected?

Right after the HIMSS Global Conference, the Showcase team puts out a survey for new ideas for the following HIMSS Global Conference. This survey can be completed by anyone, including attendees and potential participants.

The results of the survey are reviewed by our team and we select them based on a number of criteria including:

  • Diversity- Is this topic like any of the others selected?
  • Uniqueness- Is this topic like any we have done in the past?
  • Ecosystem- Are we covering as much of the industry landscape as possible?
  • Participation- Do we know organizations who would be willing to participate.
  • Energy- Does this topic get us excited? Do we want to share this with our audience?

We selected 15-20 topics, which are then elaborated on in our draft topic list. We provide inspiration for potential participation, who then sign up and mold the stories to meet their needs.

You can find more information on how to select a demonstration topic here.

If you would like to join our newsletter to be alerted when our topic survey is posted, please see this page.


Why Connected Demonstrations?

  • Help drive home the value of standards for a wide audience.
  • Not all attendees at the HIMSS Global conference are familiar with standards, and why they are so important to use and implement.
  • Helps attendees understand what each product does to support care and how working together impact the ecosystem
  • Your technology impacts the information other systems have which impacts the information available to providers and patients to make better choices and improve care.


How is participation determined for each use case?

  • Use case topics are selected in June and posted publically in July. Organizations sign up for the use case of their choice, and roles are determined on a first come first serve basis (If there is already an IV pump in a particular use case, we would be unlikely to place another brand in the same demonstration unless it made sense to the story). If you are uncertain what story you are most interested in, or if you would rather make your selection based on partners, or the standard being demonstrated our technical team can meet with you and find the best fit.
  • Use case groups start meeting in October with an assigned technical project manager to determine the exact story they are telling based on the participants. This is how our use cases are unique every year and driven by the participants. We are very proud of the collaborative environment the Interoperability Showcase has grown to become.


How often do demonstrations run?

  • Each use case demonstrates as a group once an hour, scheduled either at 15 or 45 minutes after the hour. We stagger our demonstrations to help control the sound and the schedule is promoted in the HIMSS conference app and on the website. This also allows you to invite clients to times throughout the conference to see your product in action.  Typically, you demonstrate as a group about 24 times across three days. After scheduled demonstrations visitors can stay and ask questions. If you want to do a more in-depth demonstration with a client you can do so after your scheduled demonstration.
  • You can find detailed documentation on the HIMSS19 use cases, including participants and descriptions, on our website


What other sponsors are participating?

  • You can find an updated list of our current participants here.


What is the Timeline for participation?

July 22- October 14- Demonstration Topics Posted/ Participant demonstration selection.

Demonstration topics are posted on our website. Vendors select from these topics and share what they would like to demonstrate.

Note: Demonstration roles are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to demonstrate a specific role, sign up early to get the spot you want! 

October 14- Participant Demonstration Kick off Call

This is the opening webinar for all participants in the Interoperability Showcase. We go over expectations, how to get the most out of your sponsorship, and deadlines. Shortly after this call, we set times for the weekly calls for each demonstration.

October14-March 10- Weekly Demonstration Calls

Each week each demonstration meets on a webinar to discuss their demonstration. On these calls roles, data flow, graphics, and narratives are determined. Participants collaborate together and support each other to tell an impactful story using their interoperability technology.

Mid- December- First print deadline

In mid-December the first HIMSS Conference print materials are due. Any participants who wish to join after this point would begin to lose benefits that are part of their sponsorship package. We hope all participants are registered long before this date, but we understand when situations arise. This deadline is not negotiable, and organizations who sign up after this date will not be included in some print materials.

JANUARY 23-24- Face to Face Meeting- Cleveland, OH

In late January we hold a mandatory face to face meeting with all participants in a connected demonstration. This is to ensure that all of the demonstrations run smoothly and everyone has the chance to troubleshoot and work with our graphic designer. 

March 8-9, 2020, Orlando, Fl. 

The 2 days prior to the conference all participants arrive at 12 pm on Sunday afternoon and begin to set up and test their demonstrations. We work together to ensure that all demonstrations are working properly and each demonstration is supported by our project team. All testing is completed by 5 pm on Monday.

March 10-12, 2020, Orlando, Fl.

Congratulations! The Interoperability Showcase demonstrates each use case once an hour during all exhibit hours. We do not close at any time and visitors are able to tour demonstrations, learn more in our education theater, and get a deep dive on products in our marketplace.


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