March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL

Premier Sponsor Participation Guide


Please find a list of major deadlines for participating sponsors.

  • Please treat many of these as the last moment you can turn this deliverable in. Feel free to submit any content earlier to us.
  • Your specific use case may have additional deadlines. Please work with your technical project manager (TPM) to clarify these deadlines.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Showcase@himss.org



Complete your Exhibitor Profile online today.

This information allows HIMSS to share the most up-to-date information about your company, products, and services with our attendees.

Submit Logo: In your exhibitor profile, please upload your logo in eps and png formats. If at any time you need to add an updated logo, please update through your exhibitor profile or contact me directly to ensure a smooth transition.

Submit a boilerplate: In your exhibitor profile, please upload a short description of your company and your company’s website URL.


Complete Contact List: This allows us to know who to contact for marketing needs and each system.


Identify a Meeting Time: Select a time from our calendar

Please let us know a few times that you would be available to meet with our technical project manager, so we may better understand your goals and needs for the HIMSS20 Interoperability Showcase. Please ensure your technical team is also available for this call so we can have a full understanding of your product.

ASAPSelect your demonstration topic(s) by submitting your selection to Philip DePalo

Demonstrating an IHE Profile? Registration for the IHE USA Connectathon opens today 

(IHE Profile Demonstrators must be registered for the IHE Connectathon)

10/15/19Housing: It is mandatory that all exhibiting companies go through the HIMSS official housing company, onPeak for all hotel room reservations for HIMSS20. Housing is open to all Exhibitors  
10/15/19Badge Registration: You may register your booth staff and/or clients online for HIMSS20. Login through the Exhibitor Dashboard

Connectathon System Registration closes today.

10/25/19Demonstration Topic Calls start to be scheduled- Get your contract in by this date!

Presentation Topic and Rough Description due to Katie Crenshaw.

To ensure we are able to adequately promote your education session, we request a draft of your topic and description. These items do not need to be final but will allow HIMSS to streamline our marketing messaging and promotional needs.

11/4/19Demonstration Calls start meeting weekly.
11/18/19All connected and premier sponsors must attend the Face to Face in January- Day Badge registration opens today

Education session titles due to Katie Crenshaw.

The final version of your education session, including, session title and session description are needed by this date to ensure their inclusion in print materials for HIMSS Global Health Conference.

12/2/19Guest Blog Concepts Due to Showcase@himss.org. Submissions will be taken anytime before this but will not be taken after. 

Final Speakers and Descriptions for Web due to Katie Crenshaw.

Final education session speaker information is requested to ensure appropriate marketing of the sessions. If there are additional changes to education session descriptions, they must be finalized.

1/31/20Shipping to warehouse starts

Deadline for Whitepaper Submission


Slide Decks due to Katie Crenshaw.

Slide decks must  be shared for HIMSS review and approval prior to the event. A HIMSS-approved template will be provided to you before this deadline. 


Shipping to show site starts









































  • Demonstrate up to 6 kinds of technologies (e.g. platforms, systems, APIs, etc.).
  • On-site amenities include: a shared monitor, internet, electric, carpet, chair, and laptop stand
    • If an organization chooses to place all technologies in one demonstration, it must have two other technologies join them from other companies. It must be contracted before August 30, 2019.
    • Premier levels are invited to include partners at the cost of an additional technology.*
    • Presented within a shared area with custom graphics - only bring your equipment.
  • Scheduled tours with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Distribution of (1) success story or white paper from your station within your demonstration.
  • Invitation to author an interoperability-themed blog post for the HIMSS Blog and featured in appropriate HIMSS communications.
  • Inclusion in on-site attendee print and electronic materials.*
  • Access to press release templates.
  • Recognition on HIMSS websites and media channels.
  • Present to HIMSS conference attendees in a (1) hour education session on the interoperability topic of your choice in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Theater. Session will be promoted in the onsite program with prominent organization branding.**
  • Invitation to present on a virtual webinar to promote your success story and thought leadership with at least one partner, post HIMSS20 Global Conference and Exhibition, for the HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community.(Aprox.15,000 members)
  • Co-sponsorship of Interoperability Showcase networking events hosted within exhibit space.
  • Host a customer VIP Interoperability Showcase Tour to demonstrate your value to impactful stakeholders.
  • List of scanned attendees with contact information to the HIMSS20 Interoperability Showcase (Attendees who opt-in only). 
  • Choice of Marketplace Kiosk or Meeting Room within the demonstration floorplan (select one option)
  • Marketplace Kiosk:
    • Countertop with lockable storage
    • 24” monitor (participating company will need to bring a laptop to hook into the monitor)
    • (1) Bar Stools
    • Electrical (15amps)
    • Shared Internet connection (hard wire internet line)
    • Graphic panel
  • Meeting Room:
    • Closed door meeting room
    • Electrical (15amps)
    • Shared Internet connection (hard wire internet line)
    • A table with (4) chairs
    • On-site video interview, with raw footage provided.
    • 14 exhibitor/client badges (you determine the mix)
    • 6 full conference badges

*Partners must complete a separate contract and must be new to participants in the Interoperability Showcase.

** If contract signed and returned to HIMSS no later than December 1, 2019.


Participating exhibitors must be at Set Up for connected demonstrations. Please ensure your technical team is able to make it to the demonstration area by the times below. Our connected demonstrations depend on all members’ participation at these critical meetings.

  • March 8- 11am-6pm
  • March 9- 9am- 6pm


Your demonstration area needs to be staffed by at minimum 1 staff member during exhibit hours and during the opening reception (Tuesday 9:30am-6: 00 pm, Wednesday 9:30am-6: 00 pm and Thursday 9:30am-4pm)

*There may be opportunities for demonstrations outside of these hours. Your TPM of your demonstration will let you know if these are scheduled.

Lead Scanning

Lead scanning or the handing out of anything other than HIMSS approved materials is prohibited. If you are interested The Marketplace is the only location in the Showcase that lead scanning is allowed by participants.

Theater On-site Considerations

  • Presenters will have an opportunity to review the Interoperability Showcase Theater space and run through slides on Monday, March 9 at 3 pm ET. Specific details will be shared closer to the date.
  • Presenters must arrive at the Interoperability Showcase Theater at least fifteen minutes before their session to allow time for AV check and final logistics.
  • Additional considerations will be shared closer to the event. 

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