March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL

EndoSoft’s latest multi-specialty solution, ImageArk, helps to meet the CPOE Diagnostic Imaging standard (170.315(a)(3)) via integrated enterprise image management. Minimize clicks by capturing and managing images & video within your current compliant EHR workflow via API integration. ImageArk provides the ability to record, change and access images across multiple healthcare sites along with a built-in DICOM viewer and is XDS.b-i & XDS.i IHE certified for integration with VNA and PACS. EndoSoft’s offerings includes Specialty MU Certified EHR for Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Urology, Oncology, OB/GYN, Orthopedics, ENT, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Pain Management and Dermatology.

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