March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL

Visage Imaging is a proven provider of Enterprise Imaging solutions enabling global imaging organizations. The Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform delivers amazingly fast server-side rendered images, streamed via an intelligent smart-client viewer. Leveraging One Viewer®, physicians natively view multi-dimensional imagery. Visage 7 also offers Visage 7 Open Archive, Visage 7 Workflow, supports non-DICOM/medical multimedia objects, and diagnostic mobile access with Visage Ease Pro™. Visage 7 is future-proof powered by NVIDIA GPUs. With our platform approach to the Visage AI Accelerator program, Visage 7 AI* (WIP) further enhances In-Viewer Workflow integration to native and third-party algorithms integrated directly into interpretation workflow.

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