Overview of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase


The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ is the highest-trafficked area of the exhibit floor and is packed with nearly 20 demonstration areas, a large education theater, a product marketplace and more. Our mission is to demonstrate the power of standards-based interoperability by showcasing systems exchanging and using data in real-time to improve care, outcomes, and experience. We strive to provide attendees with a broad picture of the opportunities and successes in the interoperability community and therefore host demonstrations on a variety of topics, such as pediatric cancer, heart failure, and substance abuse treatment. At least one activity begins every 15 minutes in the showcase – from use case demonstrations to education sessions to community meetups and more.

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Use Cases

  • Six to 10 participating organizations collaborate to demonstrate different use cases in a single-story focused on an individual.
  • Participants work with HIMSS and other organizations to develop unique storylines that explore the value of their interoperability solutions.
  • Each organization brings their own perspective and story to tell, making each use case one-of-a-kind
  • Demonstrations also place the solutions in the clinical context, allowing visitors to engage in the interoperability story of an individual – such as a caregiver, patient or clinician. They can then witness the impact these systems have on clinical outcomes, quality, and patient experience.
  • Any technology that exchanges data using interoperability standards can participate in our connected demonstrations.
  • You can explore examples of our use cases from HIMSS19.

Education Theater

  • The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Education Theater hosts 60-minute sessions on emerging topics impacting interoperability today. Trailblazers of interoperability provide their perspectives and insights on challenges and inroads and identify opportunities. Nearly 3,000 attendees engaged with our speakers at HIMSS19. 


  • This area of kiosks allows individual organizations and attendees to interact one-on-one. Attendees receive personal demos and can ask specific questions of organizations paving the way in healthcare interoperability.

Global Presence

  • The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase also travels to other conferences to educate and bring together organizations and individuals impacting interoperability on a global scale.
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