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The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase is a 34,000 sq ft pavilion demonstrating the benefits and standards that make interoperability possible. At HIMSS17 we accomplished: Learn more about what happened at HIMSS17 including visitor statistics and photos while getting a sneak peek at our plans for HIMSS18. Want to see the Interoperability Showcase in action? See our show recordings here.

Webinar: Interoperability Showcase- Sign Up Now
October 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm ET | Register

Sign ups for the Interoperability Showcase are already on their way and we want you to join us! Learn what’s new at HIMSS18 and take a look at our use case categories. Use cases change cases and evolve with your involvement so join our webinar and learn more about how to get started. The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase has evolved to represent an ecosystem where a variety of standards enables individuals to securely access, contribute, and analyze their own health data. Ask your questions and get answers! Roles are first come first serve! Past Webinars and Recordings

Our connected demonstrations are the backbone of the Interoperability Showcase. Demonstrations are collaborative projects between 6-8 organizations using interoperability standards to exchange information and improve the quality and value of the care provided. Together they develop a storyline that contextualizes the value of their demonstration and tells the story of a patient, caregiver, or provider. HIMSS provides a technical project manager to help support the organizations, facilitate communication, and meet deadlines.

By participating in the Interoperability Showcase you are not only demonstrating your thought leadership but the work you do in the market today to facilitate cooperation, interoperability, and improved health outcomes.

Minimum Requirements to participate in a Connected Demonstration at the Interoperability Showcase:

  • You must use an interoperability standard to exchange information (such as a HL7 Profile, IHE Profile*, DICOM, IEEE, Continua, etc.).  
  • All participants must attend a 2 day face to face in Cleveland, OH in January to ensure that demonstrations are sound and to identify any concerns. (Travel, Hotel and Registration Required)
  • Participation on a weekly call to plan your demonstration.
  • Attendance at set up for 2 days prior to HIMSS18 conference (9am-5pm) and during all exhibit hours.

*If you demonstrating an IHE profile you must register, attend and successfully pass the IHE Connectathon (separate fee required).

Interested in participating?

Step 1: Review our most recent webinar reocrding and slides to get up to date information on participation (July 18 Webinar: Slides and Recording)

Step 2: Review our Use Cases

Step 3: Review our HIMSS18 Contract and review our prospectus

Step 4: Check out our HIMSS18 Participation Timeline

Step 5: Complete the HIMSS18 Interop Showcase Participant Interest and Goals Survey or review a pdf copy. Note: Only online survey submissions will be reviewed by staff. 

Step 6: Contact your sales representative or to complete your contract


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